Q. How do I select the right pool builder?
A. Make sure to interview your prospective builder very carefully.  Here is a few things to consider;

• What is the companies reputation in the community?
• Do you know a friend or neighbor who has used the same company with good results?
• How does the company treat you as a potential client?
• How long has the company been in business?
• How many pools have they built?
• Will they finish the project on time?
• Is the company in good standing with your local building department?
• Will the company be careful of your lawn, landscaping and other outdoor structures?
• Will they keep your property clean and safe throughout the construction process?

Q. I sometimes see advertisements promising pools at very low prices.  Can I really buy a pool like this?
A. Simply answered, yes.  If equipment, structural integrity and design are compromised, these “inexpensive pools” can be built for advertised prices.  However the old adage is true, you get what you pay for!  At Hopper Pools we know the cost difference between a great pool and a poor job doesn’t have to be significant.  We can custom design your pool to fit your budget, with the end result being a beautiful and dependable custom pool that is affordable.

Q. I’ve heard that owning a swimming pool can be alot of work.  How much is involved in owning and caring for a swimming pool?
A. In the past, pool maintenance was a chore, but with today’s technology and coveniences owning a pool is easier then owning a car!  Pool chemical testing and maintenance, cleaning and preprogrammed filtration and heating can all be automated.  Automatic pool cleaners and various sanitizing devices can also make your pool simple to maintain.  Your only concern will be finding more time to enjoy your pool!

Q. How should I decide on the design of my pool?
A.  Each property has unique features that should be considered when your pool is being designed and so does your family!  At your request, a design expert from Hopper Pools will meet with you at your home to discuss your pool needs and desires.  We will ask how you intend to use your pool, is exercise important?  How about family use? What about location?  Then we will prepare a custom design at no charge…a design that fits your needs AND your budget!  All of this from the comfort of your home, with your future oasis in view so you can get a clean picture of what to expect in your backyard!

Q. How long will it take to build my pool?
A. The size and scope of the project along with the weather play a big role in overall duration, however in most cases pools take about 45 days to build from start to finish.   We always give our customers a projected build time.