Living in Florida means enjoying the outdoors. Today, the backyard is considered an extension of your home. We understand that more and more people are looking to their own homes and backyards for escape from a hectic world, to have their own beautiful retreat. We also know that some people want to step outside and have fun. Whatever your desire is to create outside, Hopper Pools & Spas will help you to create your own perfect backyard.

We look at pools and your backyard differently. Believing that your Florida pool can be more than just a place to splash and play, Hopper Pools & Spas is a builder that can bring you more in a number of ways:

More Quality:

Quality begins with the materials we use. Simply put, you get what you put in and we believe the materials you choose can make a difference in your end product. This quality extends throughout the work performed.

More Service:

We take service seriously. For us, the sale is completed when you are swimming in your pool-not when the contract is signed. At Hopper Pools & Spas we realize that great service is great people and part smart process. This means when we start your job we will continually work on it until it is filled with water.

More Respect:

Respect will be given to you, your family, your neighbors and your yard. Everyday we will clean up debris on the jobsite. This ensures us happy customers, happy neighbors and a overall happy experience in dealing with Hopper Pools & Spas.

Customer Promise:

We promise to show up when promised and show respect to you, your family and your yard while we are there!